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JiWire Hotspot Finder for Skype™ 1.0

JiWire Hotspot Finder for Skype is an add-on for Skype (See all)
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JiWire Hotspot Finder for Skype is an add-on for Skype. The application makes use of the Jiwire services to help you find a Wi-Fi hotspot near your current location. The cool thing about this is that you can scan for hotspots from within Skype. That makes it accessible and easy to use. I don't really see a reason for wanting to have a hotspot finder within Skype, but I guess that if the program was made, there was a need for it. For browsing hotspots, you are given a Google Maps-like graphical user interface. The hotspots are shown in markers. The blue markers are free. On the other hand, those hotspots that are not free are shown in red, like everything that is bad, forbidden or hot. Not only can you find hotspots, but you can also find several other points of interest that are nearby, like restaurants, hallmark, parks, gas stations, etc. There is this other feature that is worth mentioning: the find me button. It is basically a little button that, when pressed, will triangulate your location using Wi-Fi hotspots. It is handy if you are in NYC, but not if you are in the desert. Most of the results are found via a Skype bot, but there are links that take you to the Wi-fi Map. The bot functionality is actually great and easy to use.

José Fernández
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